Well Speakeasy, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally made a Boardwalk-specific sideblog (actually I made it months ago but finally decided to start using it). I know I haven’t been posting as much Boardwalk stuff lately, and this sideblog aims to change that. So everyone go follow me and all that jazz!

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been a while.and I draw really random thing. Yes, it is.
btw, I uploaded my works(not only fanarts) on blog recently, so if you want to check them out, visit the link pls. thanks.


been a while.
and I draw really random thing. Yes, it is.

btw, I uploaded my works(not only fanarts) on blog recently, so if you want to check them out, visit the link pls. thanks.

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nous devons aller à Paris

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No, she didn’t mind when Samuel called things off. A part of her lamented the loss of her imagined normalcy, but it had nothing on the tingling warmth that radiated through her that night at the club, the customers long gone, when she found herself drinking in the delicate curves of Anita’s body as her dressed slipped to the floor. Alone in the cluttered dressing room, the tinkling blues of her brother’s piano wafting through the air, their lips met--and Maybelle had never felt more alive.


Its happening…

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For: notgrungybitchin/thefeministfangirl

For: notgrungybitchin/thefeministfangirl

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For: hunterandcossack

"What is love" - Chicago Edition

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Speakeasy Valentines - That’s All, Folks!

Well guys, we’ve reached the end of our queue. If you didn’t see one of your gifts, please let me know and I’ll post it ASAP!

Thanks again to all those who followed and/or participated, and stayed tuned for more Speakeasy gift-giving shenanigans in the future :)

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Flappy Empire: Finale

For: bara-brows


Valentine’s Day, 2014

Nucky had invited his friends: Gyp Rosetti, Frankie Yale, George Remus, and AR and his bitches. They were seated at a round table, each glued to their phones—except for Arnold Rothstein, who was drinking tea. Nucky sighed loudly. “I give up. I still can’t get passed twenty-five.”

“That’s nothin’, Nucky,” Gyp grinned widely. “I got a solid forty-two.”

“You guys are amateurs. I’ve got seventy-seven.” Frankie Yale beamed.

“Fuck you, Frank.” Gyp growled.

“That game is incredibly immature,” remarked Rothstein from behind his mug. Both Charlie and Meyer looked at him with a look that read oh fuck you. He’d been clean of it for weeks now, but that didn’t mean anything. Many-a-night had he not slept to try and conquer the fucking thing.

“Oh, yeah, Arnold? Why did you stop playing it?” Nucky gave him a pointed glare.

Arnold simply shrugged—

“Oh, I know why,” laughed a voice from the staircase. Mickey Doyle strutted down the stairs before smirking at AR. “Isn’t that right, Mr. Rothstein?”

“… I have no comment, Mr. Doyle.”

The tension was so thick in the room that one could cut it with a knife. George Remus cleared his throat loudly. “Well, Remus has been playing a cooking game… You can make hotcakes!”


“Hey, you still got that phone?” Meyer asked Charlie as they walked away from the Thompson estate.

“Yeah, why?”

“Give it here. Something on this device spooked AR.” And Meyer took it from him, only to go through all the apps until the hit the pictures.


Those pictures of Mickey Doyle were all over the internet by the next morning.

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For: vanaldenthebaptist

Nelson and Frank flirting without words.

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Speakeasy Valentines
Welcome to the Speakeasy Valentines blog! Inspired by the success of the Speakeasy Holiday Stash, we're doing it again for Feb. 14th! Join the Boardwalk Empire fandom for another day of cool edits, awesome fic, crazy shenanigans, and unabashed fandom love. HOW IT WORKS: Everyone has received their valentine's 4-digit code. Between now and February 14, submit as much stuff for your valentine as you can, then check back here on Valentine's Day for a free-for-all of Boardwalk love! More info...